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What Is Children's Fitted Footwear And Why Its Important

What is children's fitted footwear?

We know that no two children's feet are the same, and when it comes to fitting footwear, it's important to look at the all-round shape of a child's foot. For that reason, we develop shoes in whole and half sizes and in a variety of width fittings, to ensure the best possible fit for each child.

Narrow to wide fit shoes

It's important to remember the bones in children's feet don't fully form until around 18 years of age, which means that throughout their childhood their feet are susceptible to being misshaped by ill-fitting footwear - and even tight socks in their first few months! Shoes that are too wide or too narrow can do as much damage to a growing foot as shoes that are too short or too long, so fitted footwear has never been so important. With whole and half sizes, from narrow fit to wide fit and extra wide fit, you can be confident of finding the best size and fit for your child's feet with our Dual Fit Technology and its keeping in mind to provide the perfect fit to child.

Why is fitted footwear important?

It's important to measure your children's feet accurately before buying them each pair of shoes, to ensure healthy foot development for years to come.

Getting the correct advice will ensure that your child is measured and fitted with the correct size and style of shoe for their feet, through every stage of their development. To do this, you can either use our specially developed measuring tools online to help you to measure your child's feet at home, or if it's more convenient, visit one of our stockists where trained staff will measure and fit.

Properly fitted shoes play a vital role in helping to safeguard the healthy development of your child's feet. Shoes which don't fit properly can cause sores or blisters and at worst may even lead to long-term foot problems. This can often happen for narrow and wide feet when they're squeezed into shoes that are too tight, or have too much room.

Experts estimate that 70% of adults suffer from foot health problems and that the majority of these problems are the result of wearing ill-fitting shoes in childhood. This is because when your child is very young the bones in their feet are made of soft spongy cartilage which can easily be pushed out of alignment by shoes (and even sleepsuits and socks) which don't fit properly. The nerve endings in babies' feet also take time to develop, so your child may not be able to let you know if their feet are sore or squashed by shoes, making checking the fit so important.

At best, poorly fitted shoes won't wear as well, so never settle for anything less than the perfect fit.

Measure at home

To help you measure your kids feet in the comfort of your own home visit our measuring section where you can choose from a number of different tools to help you get their FRESH FEET shoe size.

Measure their feet

We're constantly conducting research into how children move and how vital their feet are to their whole bodies.

We've taken this, and working with leading specialists, incorporated this 'science' into our ranges - ensuring our shoes not only feel good, but are good for your child's whole development.